Discover how to be an expert in IFRS with this course

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¿ What will I receive for this course?

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+ 270 explanatory videos​

In the course development, you will find more than 270 explanatory videos.

Each video covers a specific topic.

Each video is made up of a theoretical and practical part.

Excel file final

+ 100 Examples in Excel

You will find more than 170 Excel files where you can see the solution to the proposed exercises.

You can download the files in Excel and use them in your daily tasks.


+ 280 set of questions​ training

One of the best ways to learn is by using questions.

For this reason, we have prepared more than 280 questions in order for you to understand each standard in a didactic way.

It is scientifically proven that quizzes help to consolidate knowledge faster and longer.

Online consulting

Personalized advice related to the IFRS course​

You will have access to all the course material for 12 months, and you will also have personalized advice related to the course by email.

All our consultants will be aware of the doubts you arise in developing the course.

At the end of each module, you will have a form where you can ask what you want.

example real world

+220 examples of IFRS application in real world

Without a doubt, using examples is a fundamental factor in learning all areas of knowledge.

At IFRS MEANING, we have designed a variety of examples that will help you understand international standards easily.

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+120 additional training questions

In each module, we have additional questions for you to strengthen your knowledge of each standard.

In other words, in total, the course has a question base of more than 360 questions with their respective answers.

¿ What will I learn?



$ 99 Dollars
  • 15 Modules
  • + 270 explanatory videos
  • + 100 examples in excel
  • Personalized advice related to the IFRS course
  • Access for 12 months to all course material and advice
  • +220 examples of IFRS application in real world
  • +120 additional training questions
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